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MYOB Exo provides for screen popping from another application and this has been utilised to make the menu familiar to MYOB Exo users.  A number of standard Exo screens have been accessed including account screens for debtors, Stock and Contacts.

Essentials – Links to MYOB Exo - ExoProtocolHandler

 If an Exo Business instance is running in this workspace for this database then the requested screen will simply pop from that instance.  If not then DUO will launch an instance of Exo Business (and consume an Exo licence).  Exo Business screen pops from DUO include:

·         Account

o   Debtors

o   Creditors

o   Non Accounts

o   Contacts

o   Stock

o   Serviceable Units

·         Transactions

o   Sales Orders

o   Purchase orders

o   Jobs (requires JC licence)

·         Reports

o   Clarity Report Writer

o   Analytics

o   {Any Clarity Reports you wish to add}

·         Utilities

o   Documents

o   Activities

o   Opportunities

o   Campaigns

Toolbar buttons within some of the DUO screens also provide drilling to individual records of these classes associated with the current record being processed by DUO.

Clarity reporting

Reporting is done using the Exo Clarity engine. Classes for additional documents may appear in Exocfg > Forms.



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