Process Sales Order

TODO: Process invoices not yet coded

This function is similar to the Quick Supply function in MYOB Exo and largely does the same processing; however, there are some differences especially in screen layout.

Warehouse – Process Sales Order – Quick Supply

The screen has the following main elements:

·         Header bar: Show customer number, name, debtor stop credit, and debtor alert.

·         Process combo-box:  This offers the same choices as the drop down menu on the Process Button on the MYOB Exo Sales Order Supply screen. The choices may vary dependent on company profile settings. When selecting other than 0. Process Order the system deactivates and hides all but the required Release, Pick, Supply and Invoice groups.

·         Release:  Options for processing the release phase /status of a sales order. It will be inactive unless the profile setting Enable sales orders release quantity is true.

·         Pick:  Options for processing the pick phase /status of a sales order. It will be inactive unless the profile setting Enable sales order pick quantity is true.

·         Supply:  Options for processing the supply phase /status of a sales order.

·         Invoice:  Options for processing the invoice phase /status of a sales order.

·         Transaction Age: Settings to control the transaction date and period when creating stock transactions and/or invoices.

·         Order info: This is shown horizontally at the bottom near the Go button.  It contains:

o   Order number which is also in the title bar.

o   Stop Credit if the account is flagged stop credit.

o   Acc Inactive if the account flagged inactive.

o   On Hold if the sales order is flagged on hold.

o   Ship Complete if the sales order is flagged ship complete.

For Release, Pick, Supply and Invoice, there are 3 columns of checkboxes:

·         The left hand column of checkboxes tells the system to set quantities based on the life to date quantities of the previous phase. The invoice phase has an additional Invoice as Supplied checkbox which invoices the same quantity as currently being supplied, rather than the Invoice All Supplied which invoices the residual life to date supplied.

·         The middle column of checkboxes tells the system to process previously set quantities.  These may have been set in Scan Pick, MYOB Exo Sales Order Supply, MYOB Exo B.S.O.L.P or elsewhere rather than by the first column of checkboxes in this screen. Processing creates entries in the Sales Order History grid.  Transactions are generated by the Supply and Invoice phases (Stock Trans and Debtor Invoices respectively).

·         The right hand column of checkboxes indicates what you want printed. Top to bottom these are Pickslip.clf, ConfSlip.clf, Packslip.clf, SOLine.clf, and Invoice.clf.

Note: The Print Labels check-box {SOLine.clf} requires user profile setting Sales order line label control and related stock Item extra field. One label is printed for each unit of quantity supplied. 

The Transaction Age group allows the user to set the transaction date and financial period.  The date will default to today. The period will default to the debtor’s age defined in Exocfg > Admin > Period Current Period > Default posting age (Debtors ledger)

·         The period combo-box will only display periods as far back as the commencement of the prior financial year.

·         The period must be active for both stock and debtors if posting to both ledgers. The period descriptions show if the debtor’s period is inactive (but not if the stock period is inactive since most users roll & lock these together).

·         If profile setting Enforce transaction period dates during invoice entry is active then the date must be within the start and end date range of the period.

·         Setting the Use Sales Order Date checkbox will set the date to that of the order and lock the date control.  Clearing this checkbox will reset the date to today.

·         Setting the Forced Fully Processed check-box will force the order complete even if there are unsupplied and/or invoiced quantities.

·         If there are any period /date constraints (for the chosen settings) when the Go button is pressed then a message will be displayed and processing will halt.

·         When processing commences the computer allocated Session ID and Invoice Number will be displayed on the left of this group-box.  

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