B.S.O.L.P Tasks

B.S.O.L.P (Batch Sales Order Line Processing) is part of MYOB Exo Distribution Advantage.

B.S.O.L.P enables you to define Tasks.   

Warehouse – Process Sales Order – B.S.O.L.P Task

These provide multiple replacement sets for the profile settings Quick Supply and Batch sales orders action ‘xxx’ and Hide sales order controls and have additional settings.

DUO can then use these tasks for its Process Sales Order settings instead of the profile settings.

Also, when Tasks exist in the database then the MYOB Exo Sales Order Supply screen has an additional Tasks button with a drop down menu to select a task.

Warehouse – Process Sales Order – Hide Sales Order Controls

Note: The Tasks button in Exo Sales Orders can be hidden by the ‘T’ parameter in user profile setting Hide sales order controls.


Task setup (in DA.exe) is documented by MYOB here:


Tasks in DUO can be used in two modes:

·         In the Process Sales Orders screen. This is the equivalent to the Tasks button in Exo Sales orders.

·         By executing MYOB Exo Distribution Advantage (DA.exe) to run the Task on a single sales order. Doing this provides a screen with a grid where quantities can be edited.  It is another form of Sales Order Supply screen.

When DA is installed then Scan Pick has additional toolbar buttons, Quick Task and BSOLP Supply, corresponding to these modes.

Warehouse – Process Sales Order – Scan Pick Additional Buttons

Note: These buttons can be hidden by the ‘T’ and ‘B’ parameters in user profile setting Hide sales order controls.

Using Tasks in Process Sales Orders

When launched from the Quick Task button, the Process Sales Orders screen has a different combo-box at the top listing the defined Tasks.

Warehouse – Process Sales Order – Using Tasks

·         The combo-box will default to the task number in profile setting BSOLP Task Number for Scan Pick.

·         The settings on the rest of this window will be defaulted to those specified in the Setup Batch Task screen for the selected task.

·         Processing from the GO button is identical to that described in the Process Sales Orders section of this document.

Running Tasks in Distribution Advantage

 This will launch DA.exe with command line parameters specifying the sales order and task numbers e.g. C:\Exo\DA.exe Exo_DEMO Demo Demo BP /SO=11029 /TASK=12.

The Batch Summary screen will appear showing the order selected.

Warehouse – Process Sales Order – Launching B.S.O.L.P

Click Continue and the main B.SO.L.P screen will appear containing sales order lines for this order.

Warehouse – Process Sales Order –B.S.O.L.P Screen

The processing workflows and options in this screen are beyond the scope of this document but are documented by MYOB.



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