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DUO is an extender product for MYOB Exo Business.



This document describes the DUO application which is a Microsoft executable similar in visual design to the MYOB Exo Business applications but offering functionality to complement the standard MYOB Exo Business products.

This is a draft version of this document and will be subject to change both within the document and within the software.  It is provided for informational purposes including soliciting feedback.


Important Notices

Copyright and Disclaimer

This material is copyright. It is intended only for Dyameta DUO Business Partners and their customers. No part of it may be reproduced in any way without the prior permission of Dyameta Technology Ltd.

Dyameta has carefully prepared this material but excludes (to the extent allowed by legislation) any direct or indirect liability arising from errors or omissions or from its use. Any case studies (including the application of particular accounting standards or legislation) are representative examples only, and will not directly apply to the user’s own circumstances. They are not a substitute for professional advice. Users must check that third party materials, for example from the IRD and the ATO, are current at the time they are used.

MYOB Exo Business

The DUO range of products extends the capabilities of MYOB Exo Business.

 It is assumed that the reader of this document has a working knowledge of associated areas of MYOB Exo Business.

MYOB provide on-line resources applicable to the MYOB Exo Business product range.

MYOB Enterprise Products (landing page)

MYOB Exo Business Education Centre 

Help files, Release Notes, User Guides, White Papers

MYOB Community


DUO on line

Dyameta Technology provides online content and facilities pertaining to the DUO product.

DUO Products (landing page)

Online help (this document in HTML help format)

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