Quote Revisions 

The Quote Revisions module is designed to store, retrieve, and manage multiple copies of quotes.



Opportunity Quote Revisions

Manage revisions of CRM Opportunity Quotes

Job Quote Revisions

Manage revisions of Job Costing Quotes

Sales Order Quote Revisions

Manage revisions of Sales Order Quotes


This module is under construction. No parts of it are visible in DUO yet. Quote details screens will use the present DUO Sales Order Details widget (which is why there are reserved blank areas in the header portion of that screen). This widget adapts to the quote type.

This module differs from the quote options in Opportunity and Job Cost quotes as that MYOB  option allows line elements of a quote to be swapped in or out. Quote options in MYOB Exo are really a way to accommodate optional add-on products to the base quote.

DUO Quote Revisions are a way to store multiple copies of a single quote rather than have optional sections of a quote. It has the ability to snapshot a quote in its current state and store this separately as a named instance. You can also restore the live quote from any of the instances. You might do this because:

·         You want to maintain a history of quote revisions, perhaps to review the quote negotiations.

·         You might want to revert to an earlier quote instance and perhaps modify the restored quote from there.

·         The customer might opt for a quote instance other than the latest one presented.

Consider MYOB existing options first

Please consider if the MYOB quote options functionality is adequate for your purposes before considering the DUO Quote Revisions module.

If you are presently only creating quotes in MYOB Sales Orders then please also consider moving your quote processing to the superior quoting functions in MYOB CRM Opportunity Quotes or MYOB Exo Job Costing.


DUO quote revisions does not allow you to edit quotes. The business rules in the MYOB Exo quote entry screens are complex and there is no point in replication that functionality.  You must therefore have appropriate MYOB Exo licences to create and edit quotes of whatever quote types you require.

DUO Quote revisions will allow you to

·         Search for quotes by quote instance

·         Create stored names instances of a quote (a copy / backup function)

·         View instances of a quote instance including a product line level grid

·          Print instances of a quote revision using the same Clarity forms as available in the entry screen that created it.

·         Retrieve quote instances by copying them over the top of the live quote contained in MYOB Exo (a copy / restore function). This discards the presently live quote but will warn if it has been modifies since being saved as a named instance.

·         Launch MYOB Exo to edit the live version of the current quote.

·         View the company info of the account associated with a quote

MYOB Exo Widget Additions

An MYOB Exo compatible widget is provided to add to the Job dashboard in MYOB Exo Job Costing showing revision headers for that job.

At present, MYOB Exo Sales Order and Opportunity Screens do not have a dashboard in which to dock widgets.  If MYOB add this feature to Exo in a future version, then DUO will offer similar widgets to show appropriate quote revision headers.

An MYOB Exo compatible widget is provided to add to the Stock Screen Analysis tab dashboard in MYOB Exo showing revision lines for quotes that contain this stockcode. Note that a quote revision may contain stockcodes that are no longer in the live quote.


In DUO a single interface handles all three quote classes by offering a combined search grid that contains quotes from all three quote sources. Quote revisions of all three classes are stored in a single table set within the database and are identified by a quote class property. 

A user level profile setting can be configured to restrict access to (hide) certain quote types.

Obviously, if MYOB Job Cost and/or MYOB CRM are not installed then these quote classes cannot exist and appropriate interface parts do not show.

Job Cost Limitations

For Job Cost Quotes only the quote lines are visible. Transactions that normally appear on the Timesheets, Cost, and Invoice tabs are not accessible, nor is anything on the Progress Billing tab.

Searching quotes

The master filters (checkboxes) on the quote search screen control what quote classes will be included. This also influences what other filters are available since some filters are specific to certain quote classes e.g. Job Types only apply to Job Quotes and therefore can only be set when the grid is limited to Jobs.

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The search screen is also laid out in a master detail grid format.  The upper grid shows the live quote headers from the Exo tables (via a view that UNIONs all three tables).

The lower grid shows any quote revision headers applicable to the quote highlighted in the top grid.

Storing or retrieving a quote revision     

Storing or retrieving quotes is controlled by toolbar buttons

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New:  {Backup}. This creates a new quote revision from the live quote highlighted in the top grid. A small window appears in which to enter revision identification information such as a user revision ID (similar to a reference) and notes to better describe the revision and reasons for its creation. A staff member can also be specified by selection from the staff list and may differ from the staff on the original live quote. This will default to the logged on user.

Save:  {Update}. This saves the live quote over the top of the existing quote revision highlighted in the bottom grid. Note that this destroys any detail existing on the quote revision. A confirmation dialogue is shown. The original quote is checked for object lock in case someone else is editing it.

Restore:  {Make Current}. This overwrites the live quote with the quote revision highlighted in the lower grid. Note that this destroys any detail existing on the live quote. A confirmation dialogue is shown. The original quote is checked for object lock in case someone else is editing it.

Quote: {Copy to New Quote}. This creates a new live quote from the quote revision highlighted in the bottom grid. The new quote defaults to the same quote class as the original quote. The quote revision will be transferred to the new live quote leaving other quote revisions with the original live quote.

Append:  {merge with existing}. This offers a list of other live Quotes /Orders/ or Jobs of the same class and appends the lines of this quote revision to it. A new quote revision for the expanded live Quote /Order /Job is then created and marked current.

Win: {Quote accepted}. This will flag the live quote as won by changing its status. If this is an Opportunity Quote then it will also ask if you want to convert it to as Sales Order or Job.

Print: Print the quote revision with whatever Clarity form is applicable to this class of quote.

Edit: Call MYOB Exo to open this quote in full edit mode.

A new Quote Revisions Hide Controls profile setting (user level) may be used to disable any of these buttons.

Note: When a quote revision is created or updated from a live quote, an extra field on the live quote is updated with the SEQNO of the quote revision header. When a new Quote (any Class) or non-quote Job or Sales Order is created from a quote revision it also has its extra field updated with the SEQNO. All sales orders, opportunity quotes or Jobs therefore know which quote revision is current.

Viewing a quote revision’s details

Selecting a row in the bottom grid will open the particular instance of the quote and show a screen similar to the layout of an opportunity quote in MYOB CRM.

 The details of the associated live quote are also shown on a separate tab.

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Comparing quote revisions

The quote revision details view has a checklist containing the revision Ids of each of the revisions. When opening an individual revision only one checkbox is checked.

When selecting a quote from the upper search grid (quote level not revision level) then all checkboxes are set.

When product rows appear from multiple revisions then a merged view is presented. The revision ID is shown in each line (much like the sub job IDs are shown in a master job grid). Only one revision line for each original quote line is shown.

·         Each product row within the revisions for this quote contains the lineID of the original quote line it was created from and this is used to decide which revision lines (from multiple revisions) are variants of the same quote line.

·         Whenever a new revision is created or an existing revision is copied to the live quote then the revision header is internally stamped with and incrementing session number to rank its turn at being current. In this way the multiple-revision display mode knows which revision lines to show (based on highest session number per lineID).

·         Other included (checklist) revisions might contain lines that are no longer on the current revision (or the live quote). Also the current revision might not be presently selected in the checklist.   The most recent revision line for each lineID will show (based on session number not creation sequence) .

The intent is to show a merged view of revisions and thus identify quote lines that might be no longer represented in the current revision.  

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