Stock Loans

The Stock Loans function is designed to handle stock that leaves the organisation and then returns.   Whist absent from your warehouses; the stock is transferred into one or more loan locations. On return the stock is transferred back into one of your warehouse locations.

Because stock loans are usually for small quantities and are often for serialised products (enforceable) the loan lines do not have a quantity column. If a product has a quantity > 1 then individual lines must be entered.

Some typical scenarios might include:

·         Hire:  Items is loaned for a period of time and a hire charge for the loan is applied when the goods are returned (uses a linked product). Lost items are charged for. Any charges for hire or lost items are generated to a Sales Order for further processing. Hire charges are typically Lookup items.

·         Sale or Return: The customer is unsure of what they will need for some task or job so takes stock and returns what they don’t use. The unreturned stock is charged for on a generated Sales Order.

·         Samples:  Non-for-sale stock samples are taken by the customer to assist the choice of purchasing real stock.  Samples are returned.  Lost sample stock is charged for on a generated Sales Order using a linked product representing the non-sample stock.

Stock Loan Search {tab}

When the function is opened the user is presented with a stock loan Search screen (tab).

Sales -Stock Loan –Search {tab}

Stock Loan Details {tab}

The details tab shows the header information and product lines for the stock loan.

Sales -Stock Loan –Details {tab}



Stock Loan Debtor {tab}

The debtor tab shows the Company and Contact List widgets associated with the debtor for this order. The tab presentation is the same as shown for the Companies screen.

Stock Transactions {tab}

The transactions tab shows stock transactions that have been generated by the stock loan. These could include the stock transfers occurring on issue and return, plus sales lines for service and stock charges (as associated with the sales order).

Stock Loan SalesOrd {tab}

The sales order tab shows the sales order on which loan charges and/or stock charges have been generated. In the early life-cycle of a loan a sales order will not have been generated and the tab will be blank.

Stock Loan Notes {tab}

The notes tab shows any history notes entered for the stock loan

Sales -Stock Loan –Notes {tab}

Stock Loan Documents {tab}

The documents tab shows any external documents that have been linked to the stock loan.



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