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This is a draft version of this document and will be subject to change both within the document and within the software.  It is provided for informational purposes including soliciting feedback.

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Initial version (daft)



More formatting and sections.

Basis for HTML context sensitive help

Updated content for Common Components



Rearranged the section sequence in some places

Fixed some heading levels to correct Table of Contents

Added Figures tables to Index chapter (added figure captions)

Added subsection on Role Based Contacts

Added subsection on Dockable Widgets 

Populated the Quote Revisions Module chapter

Created the Archiving Module chapter

Added more detail to Profile Settings appendix

Added more detail to Metadata appendix



Added MYOB Exo Business subsection to Preface

Added DUO on-line subsection to Preface

Added Design Philosophy subsection to Introduction

Moved Role Base Contacts to the Design Philosophy subsection

Moved Profile Settings to the Design Philosophy subsection

Moved Saving Screen positions to Module Functions subsection and renamed System Menu as has other functions

Moved Object Locks after Search Grids in Windows subsection

Added partial screenshots in Grids sub-section for pop-up menu, print preview and print page settings

Added more detail to the Search Grids section

Inserted Installation appendix (B). Moved Configurator info there

Created Figures table for Installation in index



Significant changes and additions to realign with software changes

Replaced a lot of screen shots

Added section on order details widget

Added more detail to Despatch chapter

Renamed Picking to Scan Pick

Updated metadata appendix

Updated profile settings appendix

Added troubleshooting to installation appendix

Fleshed out cover page



Updated some screen shots



Extensive overhaul of this document’s layout and sequence:

·         Introduced Classes section and moved description of some common interface parts into there.

·         Early discussion of some screens is now brief with a fuller descriptive section later in document e.g. Widget List, About.

·         Added appendix D - Toolbar Actions.

Changed module boundaries to a role centric collection of functions for a better licensing model:

·         Renamed Common Components Module to Essentials Module

·         Added security profile setting exoPlus Module Access

·         Updated DUO.xml, changed corresponding hooks in exe.

·         Update role combo-box on Login screen.

·         Added ‘low fuel’ expiry date indicator on base screen.

·         Updated appendices A –Licensing, B - Installation.

Created new Warehouse module section to regroup functions:

·         Moved Scan Pick function to this module (was Dispatch).

·         Moved Archive Inwards Goods function to this module (was part of Archiving module now split to other modules).

·         Updated Scan Pick documentation for further functionality.

·         Added Process Sales Order function.

·         Added Courier & Consignment Note function.

·         Added Scan Stack function (skeletal - under dev).

·         Added Scan Transfer function (skeletal - under dev).




Configuration / Installation:

·         Updated and improved wording of Appendix B Installation.

·         Improved the wording of connection & configuration error messages (popup dialogues).

Implemented folder path overrides in Computers section.

Created view SSL_PERIODS for period control



Rewrote Courier Manifests section

Added Manifest tab to Scan Pick section

Updated Scan Stack section

Various other minor documentation fixes



Review headings for TOC and on-line help

Fleshed out discussion on widgets and widget classes



Rebranded the product from exoPlus to DUO for Exo [exoDUO.exe]

Changed metadata object names that contained the string SSL to contain the string DUO instead.

Changed metadata object names that did not contain string SSL (or another prefix such as X_) to contain the string DUO.

Changed the prefix name of the DBupdate*.sql scripts from epDBupdate to edDBupdate.

Modified the DBupdate*.sql scripts for the changed/new metadata

Added support to minimise the application form to the system tray.

Added pop-up menu = main menu to base form and its tray icon.

Added metadata for Stock Loans.



Added section for Designer Module

Added History Note widget details

Updated widget sub-sections for Grid, History Note and Spreadsheet widgets.



Changed branding to Dyameta Technology

Updated Appendix D - Metadata

Replaced many screenshots with updated versions

Updated the Grid sub-section with new / changed functionality



Updated to match latest software



Updated for connection changes – using OleDB, XML and configurator screen becomes optional – Moved from Appendix B to new Appendix F




Table of Contents

DUO for Exo. 1

Important Notices. 2

About this Document. 2

Document version. 2

Table of Contents. 5

Introduction. 11

Design Philosophy. 11

Window Types. 11

Companies. 12

Role Based Contacts. 12

Profile Settings. 14

Available Modules. 14

Essentials {module}. 17

Window Types. 19

Base Form.. 19

Login Form.. 19

Object Locks. 21

Help About {summary}. 22

Search Windows. 22

Dashboards. 22

Widget Windows (dockable widgets). 23

Object Classes (navigation). 23

epForm.. 23

epAppForm.. 24

epSettings {non-visual}. 27

epClarity {non-visual}. 27

epMenu. 27

epGrid. 27

epSearchForm: 31

epDockForm.. 32

epDashboard: 33

Dockable Widgets. 34

Company {form widget}. 35

Contact {form widget}. 36

Stock Item {form widget}. 38

General Ledger widgets. 39

Bills of Material widgets. 39

Serviceable Unit widgets. 39

Asset widgets. 40

Order Details {form widget}. 40

Manifest {form widget}. 41

Order Events {widget}. 42

History Note {form widget}. 43

Documents widget. 43

Grid Widget. 43

URL Widget. 43

Search Widget. 44

Spreadsheet Widget. 45

Graph Widget. 45

Links to MYOB Exo. 45

Exoprotocolhandler. 45

Clarity reporting. 46

Help About. 48

Registration {tab}. 48

Connection {tab}. 49

Environment {tab}. 50

Connected Users {tab}. 51

Object Locks {tab}. 52

EULA {tab}. 52

Archived Data. 53

Archiving Data. 53

What we mean by better solution: 53

Viewing Archived and Live Data. 54

Document Manager. 56

Warehouse {module}. 57

Scan Pick. 58

Scan Pick Search {tab}. 58

Scan Pick Process tab. 59

Scan Pick Manifest {tab}. 63

Scan Pick Detail {tab}. 63

Scan Pick Debtor {tab}. 63

Process Sales Order. 64

B.S.O.L.P Tasks. 65

Using Tasks in Process Sales Orders. 66

Running Tasks in Distribution Advantage. 67

Scan Stack. 68

Scan Stack Search {tab}. 68

Scan Stack Process {tab}. 68

Scan Stack Detail {tab}. 70

Scan Stack Creditor {tab}. 71

Scan Stack PurchOrd {tab}. 71

Scan Transfer. 73

Scan Transfer Search {tab}. 73

Scan Transfer Process {tab}. 73

Scan Transfer  Manifest {tab}. 75

Scan Transfer Detail {tab}. 76

Consignments. 77

Setup. 77

Manifest Widget. 80

RMA – Returns Merchandise Authorisation. 84

RMA Search {tab}. 84

RMA Detail {tab}. 84

RMA Types. 84

RMA Statuses and Status Constraints. 85

RMA Reasons and Reject Reasons. 86

Purchasing {module}. 87

Replenishment Module. 87

Archive Inwards Goods Receipts. 87

Sales {module}. 88

Quote Revisions. 88

MYOB Exo Widget Additions. 89

Searching quotes. 89

Storing or retrieving a quote revision. 89

Viewing a quote revision’s details. 90

Comparing quote revisions. 90

Stock Loans. 92

Stock Loan Search {tab}. 92

Stock Loan Details {tab}. 92

Stock Loan Debtor {tab}. 93

Stock Transactions {tab}. 93

Stock Loan SalesOrd {tab}. 93

Stock Loan Notes {tab}. 93

Stock Loan Documents {tab}. 93

Archive Sales Orders. 94

Production {module}. 95

Scan Work. 95

Scan Work Search {tab}. 95

Scan Work Process {tab}. 95

Scan Work Detail {tab}. 97

Scan Work Stock {tab}. 97

Scan Work SalesOrd and Debtor {tabs}. 97

Scan Job. 99

Scan Job Search {tab}. 99

Scan Job Process {tab}. 99

Scan Job Manifest {tab}. 101

Scan Job Detail {tab}. 101

Scan Job Debtor {tab}. 102

Admin {module}. 103

Help Desk {module}. 104

Designer Module. 105

Entities. 105

Widgets. 108

Details Tab. 109

Header Tab. 111

Grid Tab. 112

Forms. 113

Data Tab. 114

Columns Tab. 114

Search Tab. 115

Filters Tab. 116

Tabs Tab. 116

Appendicies. 118

A - Licensing {appendix}. 118

Licensing Overview.. 118

Licence Codes. 118

Fees. 120

Implementation costs. 120

Software Upgrades. 120

Cessation. 121

B – Installation {appendix}. 122

Prerequisites. 122

Assisted install 122

Manually Installing the DUO distributables. 122

Identifying your machine. 123

Login Windows shortcut. 123

First time run. 124

Installation checklist. 124

Upgrade checklist. 124

Troubleshooting Operating Environment. 124

C – Profile Settings {appendix}. 127

MYOB Exo Profile settings. 127

DUO Profile settings. 128

D – Metadata {appendix}. 129

DUO Tables. 129

DUO Views. 129

DUO Table Columns. 130

DUO Programability. 131

DUO Synonyms. 131

E – Toolbar Buttons {appendix}. 133

Toolbar Button Overview.. 133

Button State. 133

Button Families. 133

F – DUO Configurator {appendix}. 135

Overview.. 135

Using Registry based settings (default). 135

Using the DUO4Exo.xml via the Configurator. 136

Indexes. 139

Table of Figures. 139

Index. 142




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