Help Desk {module}

These are bridges and functions to allow Exo to run with the WebHelpDesk web based help desk ticketing and service support system. The metadata links for a live link (no data replication) between WebHelpDesk and Exo Debtors (billable customers), Non-Accounts (sites/locations) and Contacts (known to WHD as clients).

Note: This DUO Module does not include licences for WebHelpDesk. These must be acquired separately.

WebHelpDesk comes with both Technician and Client facing web portals and can send/receive ticket information via email.  It is MS SQL based with its own database and contains its own web server. To interface DUO and Exo with WHD only requires access to the WHD database. For further information and a demo site of WebHelpDesk see 



Metadata links

Links between Exo and WebHelpDesk databases

Widgets & Reports

Includes Exo and DUO read only widgets, Clarity reports & forms

DUO Interfaces

DUO Read / write screen interfaces to WebHelpDesk

Generate Exo Invoices

DUO Post billable ticket activity to Exo Debtors



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