A - Licensing {appendix}

Licensing Overview

The DUO modules are licensed separately despite being contained in a single executable.

DUO is licensed per concurrent seat. The number of licences you have for a particular module determines the number of users who at any one time may access an individual database with that module.  The actual number of workstations configured to access DUO may exceed this number as the software automatically keeps track of the number of concurrent users. Attempting to log on with more users than you have licences will simply display a message notifying the operator that the number of licensed users would be exceeded then cleanly terminates.

When calculating the number of seats of any given module you require consider that:

·         You will have some staff members that require access to MYOB Exo for most of their working day.

·         You may have other staff who only require intermittent access. These staff could cooperate to share the available remaining licences at different times of the day.

·         The in-use count is at the module level so if acquiring additional modules the concurrent user count is separate for these.

·         There are requirements on the minimum number of DUO seats that you need to acquire licences for:

o   The minimum DUO seat count must equal or exceed the number of seats you have for MYOB Exo Finance (Exo Core).  If you increase your MYOB Exo Core seat count in future then your minimum DUO concurrent seat count might also need to be increased. Note: DUO does a licence comparison (greater or equal) to the MYOB max seat count.

o   If your max DUO seat licences exceeds your max MYOB Exo Finance seat licences then note that:

§  DUO to call-outs to MYOB Exo screens (via MYOB ExoProtocolHandler) require an Exo Core session running on the same workstation to talk to.

§  Clarity printing from DUO (e.g. for CLF in line forms such as packing slips) uses a method selected by computer level profile setting (i.e option per workstation): The methods available are:

·         Use MYOB ExoProtocolHandler {default}. Requires an Exo Core session running on the same workstation to talk to.

·         Use Clarity.exe. Launching Clarity.exe does not require a running MYOB Exo concurrent seat, i.e. MYOB does not seat count instances of Clarity.exe but does for Exonet.exe.

·         Use MYOB Exo API {method not implemented by MYOB yet but in their roadmap}. MYOB presently licence their API per-database rather than per concurrent seat.


Licence Codes

The software is activated by licence codes issued by Dyameta Technology Ltd.

Acquiring DUO licences

Dyameta Technology Ltd provides DUO licences directly and via authorised and accredited DUO Channel Partners.  Please note that codes can only be generated by Dyameta Technology Ltd. Once issued, they are provided in both the form of an email and in a licence.xml file which can be imported by the software.

The licence codes Dyameta Technology Ltd issue are locked to your company details including maximum concurrent seat count and expiry date, therefore new licence codes are issued to you prior to each expiry date.

It should be noted that DUO also requires that your MYOB Exo licences be current i.e. DUO will not operate if your MYOB Exo licence has expired. This is because DUO is an extender product for MYOB Exo databases and is not a replacement product for MYOB Exo software.

 The DUO software will alert the user of an approaching expiry date with a low fuel indicator. Your expiry dates can be seen in Help > About.

Appendix - Licensing – Expiry (Low Fuel)

The MYOB Exo Demonstration Company

The MYOB Demonstration databases and will run DUO in demonstration mode without valid licence codes.


Appendix - Licensing – Demonstration Only

Demonstration mode is intended for evaluation purposes. You are not permitted to run a live database in this mode. As with MYOB Exo the system recognises the company names and to identify a demonstration database.


In this mode there are different constraints in the licence checking:

·         The maximum concurrent seat count is two (2) which should be sufficient for evaluation.

·         The check against MYOB maximum seat count does not occur.

·         The exoDUO.exe that you are using must be not be more than three (3) months older than your Exonet.exe to ensure you are evaluating a relatively recent version. Note: It compares build dates in the file properties, not file dates on disk which may change during a download.

Trial Licences

Trial licences to evaluate DUO with your own data are at the discretion of Dyameta Technology Ltd. They will have a short expiry date being no more than 6 weeks from date of issue. This is to facilitate the sale of DUO software to qualified leads therefore trial licences will not be issued until some interaction with an authorised DUO consultant has transpired.

Multiple Companies

If your organisation runs multiple companies (trading entities with separate GST numbers) as part of a trading group then you will need to run separate databases for each. These additional databases require separate licence codes.  


Reminder: MYOB Exo licensing uses a mixed model with Initial (one time) and Annual licence fees. The ALF is a form of subscription, hence mixed model.

DUO is licensing is a subscription model and does not have an initial (one time) licence fee. However, a minimum initial licence period of one year applies and you will be liable for monthly subscription fees for this minimum duration.

From your first anniversary the minimum contract period drops to three (3) months.

Dyameta Technology Ltd will issue you licence codes 4 times a year with expiry new date being 3 months from previous expiry date. You are contractually bound to payment of all software licence fees until your next expiry date.

You may optionally extend your expiry date up to one year from current date by pre-paying all licence fees for the period.  A discount is offered for this option as set out in the current price list.  

Fee rates may be reviewed by Dyameta Technology Ltd at any time and will apply from your next DUO expiry date or in two (2) months whichever is the longer period.  Fee changes will be notified in writing.

Codes will not be issued where your subscription payment is not up to date. 

Implementation costs

Licence fees do not include any implementation costs. 

Your software may have been installed by either Dyameta Technology Ltd or a qualified DUO channel partner.  Implementation services and costs for these are considered separate business relationship between the implementing channel partner (including Dyameta Technology Ltd if applicable) and end user.

Software Upgrades

Whist you have a current licence you are entitled to electronic files containing the latest versions at any time so may uptake new versions as they are issued without waiting until your next anniversary.

These can be downloaded via the internet via our secure portal (requires authenticating login). Only staff designated (by you) as having company level portal access may download these. If you require these files via physical media then a small handling fee may apply.

We recommend a trial upgrade be run on a separate training copy of your database prior to upgrading your live data. This also gives you the opportunity to become familiar with any changes.

If you need some assistance from your channel partner to physically install the software and perform upgrades to the database then your channel partner will likely charge you for such a service. 

Except where heavily customised, or if you have a large number of workstations or a very large database, the time required to perform an upgrade (including safety backup) is usually less than 2 hours.


Once acquired, licences cannot be traded for other modules or refunded for any reason.

Licences are not transferrable.

If you no longer wish to use a module or wish to reduce the number of concurrent seats for that module, then notification in writing is required by Dyameta Technology Ltd.  Licence codes with an adjusted seat count are then issued and the subscription costs adjusted accordingly. Changes are only available from your next expiry date.  

Total cessation of DUO software also requires notification in writing. Note that after such cessation you will no longer be able to access your data through the DUO software products but as your data is held in an SQL database you may use other non DUO tools to extract it.

If a client relinquishes their DUO licences then another 12 month agreement will be required to reactivate them.



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