E – Toolbar Buttons {appendix}

Toolbar Button Overview

The class epAppForm provides screens in DUO with base Toolbar (and Ribbon) functions. Some of these functions are enhanced or customised within particular screens whist others are generic to all screens.



·         A Close button usually closes the current record and returns to the Search tab.

·         The navigation buttons (First, Previous, Next, Last) drive the grid that is in focus.

·         A Print button will print a Clarity CLF associated with the selected record. The actual document(s) associated with the print button are determined by the host screen.

Button State

·         A button may be visible but inactive (greyed) because it may not be available for use at this time.

·         A button may be hidden (when compared to sample screens in this manual) because your option settings do not permit its use. 

Button Families

Buttons are grouped together in families of actions. On a Toolbar, families have separators between them. On a Ribbon they are grouped in panels. 

The following table shows the buttons presently in these families.  Most are self explanatory.



















Appendix – Toolbar Buttons – Button Families


The button families are:

·         New:                     Create something

·         Save:                     Save something

·         Close:                    Complete something that auto saves

·         Navigate:             Change rows in a grid

·         Print:                     Print, preview or export something

·         Process:               Run some task. Usually generating transactions.

·         Exo:                       Open a screen in MYOB Exo Business

·         Custom:               Custom buttons as defined in Exocfg > Profiles

·         Communicate:  Use a communication function associated with this record e.g. eMail, Web

·         Filter:                    Apply a filter or sort. Depends on window requirements.

·         Jump:                    Usually pop-up a modal window e.g. an image.

·         Options:               Usually Widget visibility.

·         Help:                     Context sensitive help


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