Available Modules

The DUO application includes the following modules (licensed separately). Modules are tied loosely to major roles or work centre descriptions. Each module contains one or more functions.




Basic functions and screens to produce an Exo compatible application.


Inwards and outwards goods


Purchases, Forecasting & Open to Buy (Budgeting) (non-warehouse)


Sales & Business Development (non-warehouse)


Works orders, Jobs, Production Planning


Assistance for company accounting and Administration

Help Desk

Support Centre, Ticketing etc


The DUO modules are licensed separately despite being contained in a single executable. For full details of licensing please see A - Licensing

Essentials {function list}

This is a mandatory module that forms the framework of DUO and allows it to communicate with an MYOB Exo database. It provides screens and widgets that are used by many of the other modules.



Database Access

DB Connection, Staff Login, Licensing, Help > About, DB Update


Callouts to run MYOB Exo screens

Clarity Report Interfaces

Calls Clarity Forms and Reports. Uses either ExoProtocol or Clarity.exe


Outlook, Exo Message Service, Google Maps, Social Media, Phone

Company Widget

Debtors, Creditors, Non-Accounts (read only)

  Cmpy Contact Widget

Company Contacts Grid {list}                       Use with Company Widget

  Contact Widget

Contacts (read/write)

Stock Widgets

Stock Items, Stock Levels (read only)

Extra Fields Widget

Extra Fields {panel}

Serviceable Units Widget

Serviceable Units (read only), Grid {list}

Activities Widget

Activities & Tasks (read/write), Grid {list}

Order Details Widget

Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Opportunities, Job Quotes (read only)

  Sales Order Hist Widget

Sales Order History Viewer {grid and reading pane}

History Notes Widget

Edit History Notes. Adds HTML support.

Exo Functional Support

Narratives, Custom Buttons, Exo Business Alerts

View Archived

View archived Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Inwards Goods


An improved Exo Document Manager


Warehouse {function list}

Things for the warehouse staff (excludes production}



Scan Pick

Barcode Picking / Packing of Sales Orders

  Process Sales Order

Quick Supply of Sales Order (native)                                Used by Scan Pick

  BSOLP Tasks

Process Order using options from B.S.O.L.P Task           Used by Scan Pick

Scan Stack

Barcode Stock Receipting (Inwards Goods Receipts)

Scan Transfer

Barcode Stock Transfers (Transfer Requests – Send & Receive)

Archive IGRs

Archive Inwards Goods Receipts (missing in MYOB Exo)

Courier & Manifest

Consignment details, Charge Freight             Used by Scan Pick & Transfer


Purchasing {function list}

Things for the purchasing team




A better forecast PO supporting multiple calculation rules which could include model stock calculations. Able to generate POs, Works Orders and Stock Transfer requests not available yet


Sales {function list}

Things for the sales (business development} team



Stock Loans

For items that are expected to be returned. This could be for scenarios such as samples, sale or return, or even a simple hire system.

Quote Revisions

Stores and restores multiple revisions of quotes

    (Sales Orders, CRM Opportunities, Job Cost Quotes)


Production {function list}

Things for the production staff (Works Orders, Jobs etc)



Scan Work

Barcode Stock Issuing to Works Orders (requisitioning)

Scan Job

Barcode Stock Issuing to Job Cost (requisitioning)


Admin {function list}

Things for the office and accounting staff



None yet

But we have some reporting utilities plus some other ideas

Help Desk {function list}

These are bridges and functions to allow Exo to run with the WebHelpDesk web-based help desk ticketing and service support system. The metadata links for a live link (no data replication) between WebHelpDesk and Exo Debtors (billable customers), Non-Accounts (sites/locations) and Contacts (known to WHD as clients).

Note: This DUO Module does not include licences for WebHelpDesk. These must be acquired separately.

WebHelpDesk comes with both Technician and Client facing web portals and can send/receive ticket information via email.  It is MS SQL based with its own database and contains its own web server. To interface DUO and Exo with WHD only requires access to the WHD database. For further information and a demo site of WebHelpDesk see http://www.webhelpdesk.com/ 



Metadata links

Links between Exo and WebHelpDesk databases

Widgets & Reports

Includes Exo and DUO read only widgets, Clarity reports & forms

DUO Interfaces

DUO Read / write screen interfaces to WebHelpDesk

Generate Exo Invoices

DUO Post billable ticket activity to Exo Debtors


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